Mouse System Buttons update 2.5

Mouse System Buttons 2.5

Hello everybody, do you like press buttons? i do!

This is a button based mouse script, allow you create as many buttons you want to the game map screen or map ground, also provide you full mouse interaction within the game play.

* Version 2.5 change log (Date: June 9 2013)

 Fixed non-refreshing item description bug
 Fixed Save file selection issue
 Added ability to start events even if the player is no facing the event
 Removed option to display arrow selector on save file
 Added compatibility for multiples game resolutions
 Item selection with mouse is now more occurate
 Fixed issue with pearl skillbar (when clicking any tool perform path finding)
 Cleaned up some code
 * Version 2.0 change log (Date: January 13 2013)
 – Added path finding, now the game player is able to move using the mouse
 – Added compatibility with Victor Animated Battle version 1.x and above
 – Now you are able to change the mouse cursor icon in game
 – Two new notetags added to change the mouse cursor by event comment tags
 – Fixed crash when pointing a notetagged event with a valid condition

* Version 1.6 change log

– Added compatibility for any game screen resolution
– System optimized to consume less cpu than before
– Added extra compatibility for Pearl ABS Liquid
– Removed the font fix
– Added the imported bolean

Version 1.5 change log
– Fixed sound over loading on selectable windows
– Fixed bug when selecting event graphic tileset that have mouse comment tag
– FIxed minor bug when transfering (event name now erase completely)
– Added option to turn on / off arrow selector on save file
– Important! changes on mouse comment tags!
~ NAME change to MOUSE NAME


– Allow you create buttons and easily configure them to do something
– Events can be buttons too, map ground buttons! for some puzzles etc.
– Allow you display event name
– Full mouse interaction
– WASD movement optional
– Intruducing a mouse selector, never seen before on a rpg maker game
– And the word everybody love, plug and play!

Mouse commands

– Left Click: decision
– Right click: cancel / back
– Mouse wheel: press mouse wheel button to run

Copy and paste the script above Main, plug and play
configuration explained in the script




2.0 Icon changing feature


2.0 Path finding mouse


Here the clickable screens buttons

Here a event button on the map ground

Here the new arrow selector usable in some scenes

Here the name display when mouse pointer is over the event



44 responses to “Mouse System Buttons update 2.5

  1. Oi Falcão preciso de uma ajuda sua nesse script seu de mouse será que poderia me ajudar?

    Vamos direto ao ponto e só precisaria de um comando por comentários ou script que quanto o meu mouse tivesse em cima de um evento ele seria executado “Tipo quero fazer um menu com eventos e esse teu script ,quando chegar com o meu mouse em cima do evento menu ele tipo faça uma animação tipo executar um SE ou animação do botão tipo ressaltar.

    Agradeço a ajuda…

  2. HI there Falcao!
    Love the system. There whas one for me very crusial feature missing 😦
    I’dd like to see the cursor icon change to another icon when over clickable events. I tried to do this myself. But i am a novice when it comes to scripting 😦 After many hours still no succes. But i can imagine it will be relatively easy for an experience scripter unlike myself 🙂
    So i was hoping you could maybe make a small update with this new feature 🙂


  3. Great script! Most of all, it doesn’t create lag at all, even with active battle systems. I have come here through since there might be some registration issue on that site. Anyway, I have found one minor error and I wanted to report it. “Window_Help” doesn’t refresh when you use the mouse to search through a list of more than one item. Anytime your characters have more items in their inventory in Window_Help you will just see the description of the first of the list. I’m trying to modify the script myself but, since I won’t probably be able to do it or the result will be crappy, I just wanted to let you know. Thanks for your work!

  4. there seams to be a slight issue with when your facing an event and try to move via mouse then you keep selecting the event. also selecting things like the events and doesnt seam to to make the actor to walk towards it and the number select thing doesnt seam to be easily to control (1 click seam to move the numbers by 2 or more)

  5. hi first off great script but i get an error when i use it with victors materia script, if i click on materia in the menu it get’s this error : but this goes in error when i try to mouseclick on the materia option in menu it says ; ” script ‘ mouse system button 2.0 ‘ line 1084: ArgumentError occured. wrong number of arguments ( 1 for 2) “. do you know how to fix this ?

    link for materia script

  6. To start, let me just say you are amazing at your work sir, I commend you a great deal and can’t wait to showcase what you’ve done in my game, you have created by far my favorite RPG maker combat engine.

    When I try and apply this mouse script to your ABS the mouse works fine but WASD will not work for movement at all if this script is placed below Pearl and playtesting errors out with
    “Script ‘- Pearl Battler settings’ line 72: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass”

    It is doing this on both tutorials when I try to implement either script onto it as well so it isn’t any of my other scripts (this error was pulled from the falcao pearl abs liquid v2 demo)

    Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I don’t mean to be posting twice in a row but just wondering if you have any additional information here, I’ve installed this script as it states (above main below all others) and the mouse works great but the WASD functionality does not seem to be compatible.

    I figure this has to be user error as I’m the only one here having issues but I can’t figure it out at all, the WASD option is set to true (unchanged from the demo) so there must be something I’ve missed that needs to be changed in Pearl to allow for WASD to be used?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Not sure what I did but redownloading the demo seems to fix the problem, must have hit space or something in the script I was copying, I have no clue why but it seems to be corrected, sorry for wasting your time.

  8. Some bug report.
    1) talk to button triggered event.
    2) while still standing next to event number 1 above
    3) click on any triggerable button event. it will play event number 1 instead of what you clicked.

  9. Greetings from Australia Falcao!

    Love all of your scripts, such great work and so easy to use!

    With this mouse one, I want to use in combonation with Pearl ABS and Alchemy, but the only prob so far for me is the fact that you can’t get the person to talk from clicking on them. For some reason I have to be right next to them for it to work, when I’d rather be able to click on an event and it starts?

  10. I appreciate all the work that went into this, but after paying fro this script, I realized that its description is incorrect. It is incomplete as you cannot make the actor face an event ti trigger it properly and it just keeps triggering event number 1. I see that other people have the same issue. I would make this script FREE and ask for help from other coders to make it function in an actual game. Yes, you can walk around, select menu items, but opening chests or cupboards is not possible if the character is not facing the event.

      • Wow! Fantastic update and everything works great. I apologize for my frustrated tone in the last post, as I was spending a lot of time trying to configure something that wasn’t quite ready. But now it is! Thank you Falcao!

  11. having issues with the arrow selector and that every click of the arrows appears to register 2 clicks instead of one

    also could you add if click on an event then the actor moves to the event?

    • The arrow selector is mostly used for the input number.
      On version 2.5 you dont need it on save screen.

      # When you click on event, do you want the player to ignore the self movement?
      IgnoreEventPath = false

  12. Is there any chance this script might be made compatible with Victor’s Pixel Movement script.

    I ask as I’m working on trying to do a Baldur’s Gate / Icewind Dale like game that used mouse point click to move characters about, but also lacked a character grid. Victor’s Pixel Movement allows a pretty close approximation of making if feel like there is no grid there, but the mouse click path-finding seems incompatible. I tested both scripts together and found clicking on the map didn’t work except rarely I’d click a spot and the character would very rapidly in a jerky motion move toward the bottom of the screen.

    Thanks for your time. I really love your mouse script! 🙂

  13. I use a script that zooms in and out of the map, which isn’t compatible with this script.(when zooming the location of an events xy stays the same distance, even though xy is now closer/farther away due to zoom)
    I have keys mapped that change the zoom: F5 =1:1 F6=2:1 F7=4:1 F8=0.5:1
    is there a way i can call your script to change the ratio of xy values? (or change its resolutions may work)

  14. This script is wonderful, but the thing that bothers me the most is that moving away from an event still activates it, even when I didnt want to activate it. :/

    Anyone find a solution for this?

  15. I got a bug:

    I cant put a character’s name to display the name…

    I put: Comment: MOUSE NAME \n[13]

    But it shows \n[13] . How could i show the name of my character that have id 13?

    Thank you!!!

  16. I absolutely love your Mose Buttons script. Got a question request…. Instead of a switch that turns all buttons on and off, add a seperate quote where when adding the menu buttons, you can determine a switch that turns on some or all the buttons at any time.This way, you can combine the menu buttons with say some unique variables on the screen, a nice image, or bitmap layer, and create GUI buttons on the fly… with different buttons adding common events and scene calls depending on the buttons picked on each GUI element.

    This or have a variable that when changed, creates new “pages” of these buttons, depending on what integer the variable is.

    You can feel free to contact me for more information or licensing reviews of this custom version of your script.

  17. I’m still seeing the character attempt to get to the skill bar through pathfinding when the proper skill is clicked. (F) for instance, choosing weapon 1, automatically sends the player towards the skill bar. I noticed your 2.5 update said it fixed this, but it still seems to be an issue.

    • I think I may have found a temporary fix, relating to this issue. By manipulating the switch (500) as explained in Mouse System buttons 2.5, I simply added 2 lines on Line 413 of your Pearl Skill Bar

      if $game_player.mouse_over > 0
      $game_switches[500] = true
      @mouse_blink.opacity -= 3
      @mouse_blink.opacity = 70 if @mouse_blink.opacity <= 6
      $game_switches[500] = false

      This way, when the mouse is over the skill bar switch 500 is automatically shut off, returning when the mouse is no longer on the skill bar and on the map.

  18. Got a question –

    I love the mouse script, but how to I get it to recognize areas of my screen during other scenes (Items, equipment, etc.) I feel that if I could find out how you set up mouse to work, I could use it to create custom GUI scenes with mouse clicks on the screen and having a decent design layout.

  19. I love this script in combination with the ABS script, but i wich i could attack an opponent when mouseover and i click the action mousebutton.

    if mouseover enemy = switch actionbutton to F or something like that.
    Is there a way to make it work, it would be very nice if there’s a way ^_^

    Please reply.

    Thanks in advance.
    — Mattias “Taurus1979 aka MusicWizard” Forsberg

  20. Falcao, a single little question!

    Can I make this script be the only way to moving and interact? I mean, disable the entire keyboard on the game and play just with the mouse :T

  21. HI falcao, there’s some way to use this system in combination with yours liquid active battle system? will be perfect for my game 😀

  22. is this combinable with pearl abs so instead of key presses for the actions can use mouse to click the attacks like a mmorpg would be?

  23. hi, falcao. the link seems to be dead now. could you please update this link or provide an alternate link? thanks.

  24. Hi Falcao.
    I am using a few of your personal scripts. I found them fantastic.
    However, I have a issue with Pearl ABS System. I explain it: If I add a comment in one event like “start_with_skill: 10”, the event goes to turn on only if I will throw that skill on it. This alright, it seems to work. But if I click on that event with Mouse System Buttons activated, the event will be equaly active.
    Excuseme, but I have a bad english. How can I fix it?

  25. Hi Falcoa,

    I hope you get this. I’ve been playing around with your script but can’t quite figure out if there’s a way to disable character movement using the mouse, I basically want to use the WASD keys to move the character but use the mouse to interact with characters and objects etc.

    Many Thanks,


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