RGSS3 Fal Fog 1.5


This script was originally released for rpg maker VX, few weeks ago i decided to transcribe this code for rpg maker VX ACE.

This simple script add the missing fog effects to the game map!


Copy and paste this script above main and below materials section.

call the script using the following command:

$game_map.fog(“Name”, opacity, Zoom, scroll_x , scroll_y)

Name = fog

Inside the demo you have all the fog graphics you need to run this script





4 responses to “RGSS3 Fal Fog 1.5

  1. hey my name is eric and im interested in using this system for afor profit game but , at the same time it says not for commercial use before i use the system , or even attempt to use it or include it in a game i was wondering if i could get a hold of you some how . i’ve been working with rpg maker vx ace for a hile now and app building on facebook . im interested in using this but not if i will be sued or have to get rid of the system and completely have to redo a game over all because of law and or technical issues . i was wondering if there was some way i could get hold of you on facebook or some other socia network and discuss this with you because if i can use it i plan on not only giving you financial compensation if the game blows up and makes money and cutting a percentage but i also wanted to discuss the ramifications should it bomb and not sell at all really . its more of a discussion to protect both of our interests .

  2. hello Falcao, this scripts is amazing… but i have a problem.. is there any way to change te fog.z value in game? is for put the fog on top or above the images i show in game. i try to do whit asing this value to a variable like fog.z = $game_variables[100] but nothing happens, looks like the value turn in 0 when i put this, but i have no idea fot what lol. well that is all, thanks for read and solve (or not) my problem ^^.

    pd: sorry for my english, im spanish xD.

  3. Hey Falcao, the demo link doesn’t work, says “Download Disabled for this file”. Is the script anywhere else?

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