Falcao Pets Servants 1.3

Hello everybody!

Have you ever dream having a faithful servant in a rpg maker game? this script provide you a complete pets servant system allowing you to assign great pre-made commands, pets can do a lot of things like, grab objects, steal items from events, climb some areas, trigger targets and a infinite line of commands you can create.

1.3 change log
– Fixed minor bug when mood overload with other mood commands
– Added option to enable or disable the followers spot for the pet


– Create as many pets you want at the pet factory
– Assigns commands to the pets (you can create as many command you want)
– Pets level up
– Pets have a mood bar
– Pets give a gift bundle when mood reach the maximum mood
– Each pet  give special bonus when is in use
– A avance command action system is implemented such as
pet Steal, pet Grab objects, Pet Trigger targets, Pet Climb etc
– Pet minder Shop available!
– You can assign unique commands for each pet
– Pet are able to: create item, weapons, armor, gold, heal party, increase
mood when dancing or playing with pet
– Custom command system implemented, so you can create your own fully
custamizable commands via common events.
– Commands cooldown system, that mean you can assign waiting time to each
command available
– Mouse system buttons support!, you can select targets with the mouse in case
you are using my mouse system buttons script


All the instructions are inside the script.



Script code

I strongly recommend you to download the demo file, so you can see how everything work with examples  but here a leave you the code anyway, just copy and paste into your project



By Falcao


I made this quick video showing all the features included with this great system

Here some screenshots 


38 responses to “Falcao Pets Servants 1.3

  1. As the toggle pet on/off is in the pet command list i didnt mention anything about toggle manually.

    Here the script call
    $game_player.gamepet.command = 1

    If you want the pet back call it again

  2. How do I record and use a pet’s ID?
    I would like to make it so your pets can battle with you. If pet ID is 1, which is the dog, is active, your party member will be the dog. But if the ID is 2, which is the cat, then you will battle with the cat.

  3. To get the current using pet id use this script call


    you can make a conditional branch for example

    if $game_player.gamepet.pet_id == 6
    # do something

  4. Nice Script Falcao, i would like to ask you how to make the Pet shop, also where i can get the voices + pictures of pets as you use in ur video. i am still new in making RPG games so i want you to help me with this script..


    waiting your reply

  5. Can I suggest something?
    I think it would be better if you can rename a pet you own without renaming the ones in the pet shop. I tried making a script for it but ermh… I’m not that good yet so I wasnt able to include the renamed pet on the saved data so it just reverts back every time the game is loaded. Oh, and if you could add the sell pet or remove pet feature, that would be great. Anyway, great script. Just as I expected of Sir Falcao. (n_n)

  6. I’ve just found a major bug (took me a whole day to find out what the source of the bug is, at first I thought it was caused by my own code but at least that let me find a still unnoticed bug in my code… ^^):
    If the Pet-ID and the ID in the used spriteset are identical, it causes a crash on opening the Pet-Window. Line 2280 (in an unchanged version of the code) must be changed (I think). Still untestet, but “pet.include?(id)” => “pet[-1] != id” should solve it.

    • No, it wasn’t the source of the bug. And it seems, it isn’t directly linked to the IDs… I’ll keep searching.

    • Now it’s working (with the given change). Also, I don’t know if the bug will always appear, because I use self-defined spritesets. But if you get error-messages when calling the petshop-window, making this change to the core-script is worth trying a shot.

  7. I try to use the grab object command and there’s and error.:-0
    line 2238 nomethoderror occurred.
    unidentified method for nil:nilclass

  8. Looks awesome. But I can’t understand the instructions that well. Can you make a simple description of how to set up a pet and how the player actually gains it?
    For now I just want to have a pet follow me but not be a member of the party, so he won’t fight in battles.

  9. Thank you for this script Falcao, would it be possible to enable the stepping animation while no moving? Im using flying pets and as you can imagine they look weird frozen. Thanks!

  10. this is really coo ! : 3
    I think create a script addon from this,my main objective is to summon an event in front of the player, it’s a turrent and then static but can rotate in place, in my first idea this event is a Database ennemy, it use a projectile weapon (with custom automatic fire sometimes) with special=autotarget, i want that turret to attack the most nearby “Database ennemy”.

    For now i created my turrets and automatic weapons, but i give a more advanced try with the pet servants systems when i complete my weapons systems first ^^.

    well if i can’t make this work i can use the FA interactive system lite, a “summon event script”, some common event and variables… well in many cases it’s really easy to work with the Pearl ABS and others of your scripts !

  11. Falcao,

    This script is awesome! I’m trying to use it on my project. but i’m having some compability problems with the schala battle system of MogHunter.
    The game “crashes” before it starts and shows this error message “Script ‘Falcao Pet Servants 1.3’ line 1758: Type error ocurred. no implicit conversion to float from nil”
    I’m no scripter, so plz can you make this upgrade for me?

    –Sorry for my english–

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