Falcao Map Drops 1.1

This script allows you to make events drop items, weapons,armors and gold.


– Drop items, weapons, armors and gold on map
– Icon and the quantity displayed on map
– Easy to use


Tag events as follows (event comment tags)

<drop_item: id>
<drop_weapon: id>    – Change id for the item id to drop. Ex: <drop_item: 2>
<drop_armor: id>
<quantity: x>        – Change x for the quantity of items/weapon/armor to gain

<drop_gold: amount>  – Change amount for gold value Ex: <drop_gold: 25>


By Falcao







4 responses to “Falcao Map Drops 1.1

  1. Hello Falcao.

    I got a question / problem to solove if possible.

    How can i make this great script work together with the ABS script and Mouse System Buttons 2.5 script as well? How to make it work, when choping up some enemies and as they die they drop the desired loot?

    Please help me solove that problem i have been working on.

    Thanks in advance.
    — Mattias “Taurus1979 aka MusicWizard” Forsberg

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