Falcao Pearl ABS liquid V3 update


Here my last rpg maker VX ACE creation, its is a very powerful REAL TIME BATTLE SYTEM. the main purpose of this system is not only give some tools and defeat enemies. this script has extraordinary game play. including an unique party system.

This script is so damn easy to use (probably a lot of peoples gonna love for this), it has a Universal tool graphical presentation witch means any character from your database or from the character generator can use the tools(swords, bows, axes masos, orbs, staffs, polearns, etc.

Also a realistic tool using pose is displayed without graphics requirements.


Pearl v3 change log

– Injected Pearl abs path
– Fixed dead posses issue
– Implemented respawn timer for enemies
– Fixed vehicle issue
– Enemies cannot longer attack you while in vehicle
– fixed stuck issue when borading a a vehicle while a follower is deadposing
– added low hp switches for enemies
– Added item quantity to enemy drops
– Fixed enemy touch damage issue
– Fixed custom graphics display issue

## New Notetags!##

** Enemies

Enemy Respawn Seconds = x – Time in seconds the enemy can respawn
Enemy Respawn Animation = x – Respawn animation id
Enemy Knockback Disable = true – Make enemy unable to be knocked back
Enemy Lowhp 75% Switch = x – when enemy hp is below 75% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 50% Switch = x – when enemy hp is below 50% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 25% Switch = x – when enemy hp is below 25% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 10% Switch = x – when enemy hp is below 10% turn on switch id x

# Enemies characters notetags
now you set up more than one tool at the time for enemies. this will make the
enemies less repetitive, this simple commands work as follows. it pick up one
random tool id from the list each time the command is executed. the list can be

rand_skill(x,x,x) ramdom skill ids the enemy going to use
rand_item(x,x,x) ramdom item ids the enemy going to use
rand_weapon(x,x,x) ramdom weapon ids the enemy going to use
rand_armor(x,x,x) ramdom armor ids the enemy going to use

* Item notetags
Exclude From Tool Menu = true – Exclude item from tool selection menu
Drop Quantity = x – Enemy drop item quantity (item, weapon, armor)

Liquid v2 change log

– Anime speed Enchanted
– New dead poses for actors and enemies
– Combo feature now support infinite combo chains (rather than 2)
– Added compatibility with bigger characters actors,
– New Universal molde provided for bigger characters and normal ones
– added more configuration to the modules
– Hp and Mp bars now has the option to display pictures instead script drawing
– New single player option (disable the M Key and K is used to call tool menu)
– Added TP display to the damage pop mechanism
– Fixed minor bug when allowing tool usage while using the shield
– Added new note tag for actors and enemies, Hit Voices = se, se, se
– Added new note tag to avoid battler voices when using specific skills
– added new notetag for enemies, Enemy Dead Pose = true , use it if you want
the enemy to show the knockdown pattern when die rather than erase it
– Hidden note tags revealed (read the documentation manual ^^)
– Added new stage Falcao son (just to show up how to create debasting tools)

Here the main features 

– Full and easy to use ABS engine

– Create any tool from your imagination most easy than ever
– Universal anime graphics, any character can use the graphics including enemies
– Advance Projectile system
– Knockdown feature enable (you give the tool a chance to knockdown a target)
– Tool casting time enabled
– Tool Cooldown enable (the time you have to wait before use the tool again)
– Cooldown coutdown displayed on the toolbar
– Ammo system
– Tool special movements (able to load a moveroute from a common event)
– Tool multiprojectiles enable, you can load upto 8 projectiles at the time
– Bombs, axes, hooshots, magis, shields, boomerangs, anything can be created
– States animation enable (up to 5 icons displayed on map)
– Buffs and debuffs enable (up to 5 icons displayed on map)
– You can assign up to 8 tools to the skillbar (overpowered dont?)
– Input module, default keys are no used by this system
– Area, ranged, spin attacks, target selection  enabled
– Invoke skills for weapon and armors enabled
– Interactive enemies with knockdown, sensor enabled
– Enemies use any tool that the player or follower does
– Enemy battler enabled, so you decide if you want display the battler graphic
– Enemies are able to heal themselves, have allies enemies etc
– Enemy die commands, collapse animations etc.
– Party system! your followers have a command to start fighting
– Followers are able to heal allies, player etc
– Smart targeting system, followers choose an individual enemy to attack
– Agro system, followers and player have a chance to get the agro of the enemy
– Token system (you tag any event to start when was hit by a tool)
– Tool targeting system, autotarget, etc
– Player selection scene enabled
– Quick skill bar enabled
– Item pop up enabled
– Antilag enabled
– Lag free
– Summon system. you can command the tool to use tools by using a common event
  move route as manager action.
– Enemies states, buff and debuff display
– Combo system for the tools ( you can create an epic combo chain)
– Mouse support! you can trigger tools by clinking the skill bar icons!
The script comes with a full documentation.  read it.
Terms and license 
– Do credit me Falcao as the creator of this ABS system
– You can modify anything you want
– You are allowed to distribute this material in any webpage
– Do not remove the header of any scripT shelf
– You are free to use this script in non-comercial projects, for comercial
  projects contact me falmc99@gmail.com
Credits and thanks 
Script created by Falcao
thanks to Dezz for testing the demo and reporting some bugs


Here a video on the new stage Falcao son showing some debasting tool usage

Here a video of the game play

Here a video of a Boss battle

Here some pictures, i took few pictures because i already provide two videos


Pearl V3 Pictures

pearl v3 espawn Pearl v3 version

Liquid v2 version pictures

Here some tools samples

Here a debasting TP tool

Here the new dead poses fro followers and enemies

a party battle


Buff states and debuffs display


Enemy buff states display check below the HP bar


Tool selection


Player selection


266 responses to “Falcao Pearl ABS liquid V3 update

    • nope get over it. the new mv format ists future with plugins. look online. you wont find an abs system though. just gotta keep waiting for it on the new system.. ….. and it wont be falcoa. hes used up and aged relying on his previous version of his engine, i doubt he’ll learn java just to program this new engine….it seems completely un-beneficial for the usual dude to program a new mv engine. let me know if it gets any further.

  1. Hi Falcao i found this bug, happens when an enemy hits me

    Script ‘Game_Character’ line 180: NoMethodErrorOcurred.

    Undefined method `tool_data’ for nil:NilClass

  2. Hey, isn’t the Fireball supposed to use the $Fire graphic from the characters but show the icon on the skill hotkey? Because it simply “throw” a fire icon from the iconset on the enemy!
    PS: I’ve played the demo, didn’t make any changes on it…

    • Forget my last comentary, i’ve figured out that you just need to remove the “Projectile Iconset = animated” tag. By the way, i’ve found a bug: When you kill an enemy and it drop some loot, if the enemy respawn, the loot keeps “sticked” on the enemy while it walks through the map…

  3. Falcao Pearl ABS liquid V3

    I really enjoy and like your script however when i use weapon / attacking npc monsters, the weapon shows in front of the npc/monsters and there is a way to fix this? Specially when when you make a “custom $character animation” and u attack it always shows in front of the enemy, and it just a turn off in this ABS. else one of the best ABS i’ve ever seen! 🙂 i hope you see this

  4. Hey, is it possible to make more than one hp bar for enemies? I mean, like a boss that have 3 HP bars, and as you hit him, the first bar is consumed, then the second, then the third one, and then he dies.

  5. Actually falcao, i got a bug where when you open the tool section after casting a skill, the cooldown of the skill will still goes on, so the player can just open the tool section and wait until the cooldown finished. It’s a simple bug but i find it annoying sir, thank you for reading.

  6. when I attack and use my shield it doesn’t use up MP. But when I use skills and MP runs out I can’t use my weapon or shield.

  7. Hi Falcao !

    I want to say thanks for your coll systems! it’s really great and in many cases i learned some interesting RGSS3 methods 😉

    Well i try to fix all with my own little skills (and for now it work great).

    But i have a little issue for some things, first i changed the resolution of my game to 640*480px, and adapted the scripts to display correctly all the graphics…

    But now i search how to adapt the “Pearl ABS Projectile system”, the only thing that i need to do is change the ~line 25 to this> moveto(user.y, user.y-0.5).

    When i do this the Projectile graphic is perfectly aligned and “Centered” on the character, but the projectile collision is immediatly broken u_u”

    I searched for many days how to adapt this, sometimes adding non-constant variables, or altering some methods… but it’s bullshit if i can’t find how the “Projectile charset” and “Weapon Database Animation” when firing.

    it wil be really cool if you can add a method to change the screen resolution and window size directly with Pearl ABS ! But is a lot of work to do…

    Well if you can give me a hint I will be very happy !

    Oh, and i created a little Pearl ABS logo for my credits scene (more for show, i use texts and links too), i wanted to know if it pose a problem or not?

    • Hi!

      Then nobody have any ideas?
      I searched others things for repositionning the projectile “Y” position, like when the actual too distance is <= 1 i re-align the projectile.y;
      Add a new method in the Kernel Script for Adjusting Y;

      and i wanted to see if i can "fix" this by modifying the graphic charset, with others dimensions, but no luck for this too…

      I start to think that i need to rewritte all the pearl scripts from scratch u_u", well i am really pissed of this projectile graphic thing è_é, and think to ask on RPGAce community forums for help.

  8. Hey this is kind of a nooby question… but how do you get the script from the demo? I want to be able to use this for my game >_<

    • hello!

      why it’s a nooby question? you know how change the projectile position?

      well, the link of the demo is in the post above the videos, or: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5046w6b7wg6i2ud/Falcao+Pearl+ABS+Liquid+V3.zip

      I have another question too!

      I used custom pictures for the Life Bars (it’s a great feature too ^^)
      then i changed the states icon position for my boss & non-boss HP bars… but i can’t find the parameter to change the player states icons position !

      if anyone know a way to do this?
      thanks ! 😉

      • Yeah I’ve played the demo, but how do I use this amazing script for my new game project? ;_; I’m use to just copying and pasting the Script code to VX Ace, but I can’t find any script code in the demo folder. Unless there is some way to edit the game? I’m not sure what to do >~<

      • Well personaly i duplicated the folder that contains the Pearl ABS, renamed it, and installed others and customscripts while changing and customizing methods and values.

        The script is in the script window, in RMVXAce program, you need to open it to see the scripts all is there when you “extract” the “Pearl ABS.exe”

        *Sorry for my previous message i am confused with wordpress comments system sometimes ^^”

      • Lol nevermind I found out how to use it. Thanks! And sorry J… not really sure about the life bar situation. I’m somewhat new to this myself

      • Hey since you learned how to sue the script could you tell me how? This is my first time adding a script

  9. Would it be possible to make a weapon or shield that could reflect projectiles for like a mirror shield that can reflect fire balls and lasers

  10. Do you think it would be possible to make a armour or shield that can reflect projectiles kind of like the mirror shield in zelda

  11. Hey there, Falcao! Silly question: how can I fix the following error?
    Script’- Pearl Life Bars’ line 180:NoMethodError
    undefined method ‘hp’ for nil:NilClass
    My apologies if this has been answered already

    • I know it has been a while but just discover the answer (i had got the same bug)
      So you need to make a script call in a event (boss ou another) with “PearlBars.enemy_auto(id)” and id is the id of the event boss monster in the map. Hope you understand what i say ^^ cheers from France 😉

  12. I’m having a problem with shields… Every time my character uses the shield, it cancels the attack animation, but the attack will still come out. It works right the other way, where I can’t swing my sword until the shield is done. This makes attacking then blocking ridiculously safe.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

  13. Hey, Falcoa. I was wondering. Is there anyway you can make the enemy respawn time go for when the player is out of the map the enemy died in, like you alchemy script? For example, I made it to where the enemy takes an hour to respawn, but when I go out of the map and go back in, it’s already there again. I don’t know if there is a way to actually make it happen but this is kinda a problem for me since I’m making an open world game and all…

    • I ran into this issue in my game as well. I was able to get around it an a sorta convoluted way, and there’s certainly a way to streamline it.. I haven’t taken the time to boil it down, but as it is, it works!

      First of all I have a common event that is set to wait: 999 frames. It could be that or any number of frames, or multiple wait commands each set to 999, or whatever.

      The “Enemy Dead Pose = true” line is in the notes of all the enemies.

      All the enemy events a third and fourth tab. The third is set to self switch C, and contains a conditional branch that looks like this:
      @>Conditional Branch: Self Switch D == OFF
      @>Set Move Route: This event (Wait)
      : : $>Wait: 1 Frame
      @> Control Self Switch: D=ON
      : Repeat Above
      @> Exit Event Processing
      : Branch End

      The fourth tab is Self Switch D, and I have the graphic as a corpse. The contents are:
      @> Call Common Event: [Respawn 999s]
      @>Control Self Switch: D = OFF

      This way, even if I leave the current area, the monsters will still be running the Common Event until that time is up, then will revert to normal. This requires a lot of parallel processes running at once, depending on how many monsters are in an area, which is not great. Also, when you leave the area the monster corpses will return to their original event location, so there’s that.

      Hope this helps!

  14. HI, I had a bug whem a try equip from menu. “scrpt window_base line 310; no method error ocurred undefinid method ” upcase” for nil:Nullclass.
    Someone helpme?

  15. Hi, I need a demo for the abs please because mediafire will not work for me no matter hard I try, please give me a pastebin link or something. thanks

  16. Question! What is the script call I have to use to force remove the weapon/shieldfrom the slot? I found out that once you equip weapon or shield to a slot, you can not tell the actor to remove it using script call. The only way the player can remove the weapon is by switching the weapon with other weapon. I find no way you could remove it completely from the slot unless you switch it with other weapon.

    I tried $game_player.actor.assigned_weapon = nil and $game_player.actor.equips[0] = nil. They both do NOT work!!! Please help.

    • use $game_actors[x].change_equip(y,$data_weapons[0])
      x = actor’s id
      y = 0 for weapon
      1 for shield
      2 for headgear
      3 for bodygear
      4 for accessory
      to get it out of the skillbar. Then you can use event command to change weapons, shields/items, etc.

  17. Just got started and wanted to test basic weapon use. I copied over all the animations, copied the notetags from an example weapon into my DB weapon, gave it to the character and have all the scripts in place. Sometimes when I swing the weapon, I randomly get the following error:

    Script ‘- Pearl Kernel’ line 123: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method `tool_data’ for nil:NilClass

    Any idea why? It doesn’t seem consistent. It crashes maybe 90% of the time on this error… but every once in a while, it’ll swing fine without an issue and then error on the second attempt to attack.

  18. Hello Falcao.

    I got a question about how to use the Ememy Respawn Timer and that the enemy is still dead when switching map and then going back to the map again the timer is still counting for the enemy to respawn as set.

    Is that possible?
    Please reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. I’m having issues. For some reason as soon as I change the actor to my own I can’t use weapons, I don’t know how to fix that. Also I want to remove the N and M menus and the show weapons menu. And change the attack button to spacebar but I can’t find the script page where I can edit that stuff

  20. How can I add a new command to the graphics?
    def self.user_graphicpos() @item.tool_data(“User Graphic Pos = “) end
    User Graphic Pos = X, Y
    where X and Y coordinates
    and use them as
    – Pearl Sprites
    self.x = @character.user.screen_x + X
    self.y = @character.user.screen_y + add + Y
    I added a blend command and I rewrote a lot for yourself but this does not go

  21. Hello l was wondering is the fantastic patch still required for the new v3 pearl?
    And if it required why do l get an error saying “stack level to deep”?

  22. I know i’m being a moron, but I can’t seem to find where this script is to install 😦
    I’ve played the demo, I want to fry my tiny little brain trying this out but where is it?

      • I think we might be misunderstanding each other…
        Is that where you get pearl for the first time, or where you put it once you have it?

        Sorry if i’ve missed something, but that’s where I put scripts like Neon Black’s battle-engine and state graphics. I needed to get them both from somewhere else.

  23. ¿Is it possible to return an attack(for example a fireball) to an enemy using the shield? If this is posible ¿how can i make it?
    And ¿how can i do and attack unsttopable for the shield?
    Excuse my bad english.

    • jk but I seriously need help…okay well some people are just telling me how easy it is am I’m like…wow I must suck….please…please tell me how to make a enemy!

      • When you make an event it’s named EV00XX, replace the name with where the x is the id number of the enemy in the database under the enemies tab.

      • When you make an event it’s named EV00XX, change the name with enemy: x (make sure that the enemy 😡 is between two triangle brackets eg )
        where the x is the id number of the enemy in the database under the enemies tab.

  24. Hey Falcao.

    Are you planing to convert or make an new ABS for RPG Maker MV as well?
    If so may i suggest some changes as well that many would love to see as an addition.

    Fully customizable settings and with a full mouse support such as:
    – Full 8-way movement with a excellent and working AI pathfinding.
    – Mouse over click to attack.
    – Mouse over click to talk.
    – Mouse over action operation such as click to open up treasure chest and such.

    That would be some nice additions to the previous ABS script for Ace.

    Thanks in advance.

  25. I have a problem: Every time I try to use the enemy note tag “Enemy Body Increase x” it doesn’t work, am I doing something wrong? or is this just a bug to fix for v4?

  26. Hey is it possible to set up a conditional branch for if an enemy is still there? I want it to be, where the player gets transferred to the next area, if all enemies in the area are gone.

  27. Is it possible to get a Self Switch Notetags for every skills? I’d like to trigger a Self Switch on enemy when it is hit from skills. Can anyone help me?

  28. Hello , very good your system , I want to know if you allow me to do the translation of the script for the Brazilian language, and post to a forum called ” CentroRPGMaker ” obvious that post the link of the official website of the system, then ? Do you allow?

  29. Hey Falcao, nice script, i’m really enjoying it.
    But something is stoping me, want to know how can i change the letters that appear next to the bars of life, mana, exp, etc. if it’s possible, please, can you tell me? Really need it.
    “Hp” “Exp” “Mp” ..

  30. Would you mind upgrading to MV? It would probably be easier to use, and would take less time, and while you’re at it, can you find out how to make an antilag script because my RPG Maker MV lags so much?

  31. Hello 🙂 Thanks for ur amazing ABS!
    I have a question.. How can i disable the Partymember Switch in the M menu?
    “Singleplayer” is not that what i want..

    thanks for ur help!

    • Pretty sure Falcoa no longer monitors this page.

      I’ve never seen him reply to any queries. I’m not sure if you guys have MV but theres a fairly new ABS out for it called Quasi ABS – its pretty powerful already but it is pretty complicated to setup but the developer has documentation for it on his site, just google Quasi ABS, it has 8 dir movement and the potential to fire in all 8 directions, although I didn’t manager to figure it out on my first attempt.

  32. i am having some trouble with the tool special thing,
    the documentation does not properly tells how to use it, i am trying to make a rapidfire system. (ex- for automatic rifles kind of things)
    i tried parallel process loop use_skill command both with and without setting move route for player event tried making it not for player but no help at all

  33. Script – ‘Pearl Sprites’ line342: NoMethodError occurred
    undefined method `deadposing’ for nil:NilClass

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