Pearl ABS Liquid update V2 Arrived!

Pearl ABS Liquid v2 arrived!

Here a video of the new stage Falcao Son showing some tools usage


Pearl ABS Liquid v2 Download here at the main post


44 responses to “Pearl ABS Liquid update V2 Arrived!

  1. nice project, bro
    this might be the greatest ARPG system
    however, the HUD is so hard to change
    XAS system is easy to set cuz the graphics is editable
    it is better if it support your mouse system(API def…)
    and how about add the COMBO hit system?(more combo more damage)

  2. Hey I have a question about the Dragon Battler (Enemy #40). The event has a tag but what does this tag do? I couldn’t find it in the documentation.

  3. great ABS engine.

    I have some question of usage: can i make the eventA attack the eventB?just like skyrim, monster will attack each other. can i make a camp and the monster will be generated automatically just like LOL?= =
    3.can i have 10 partners and command they attact the enemy?

    • Those question can be answered by yourself by doing more research into the script documentation, you can create a tool that make self damage then is up to you how to make the event attack and damage each other

      Rpg maker vx ace dosnt let you add more than four into combat

      I dont play lol

  4. i lkie this ABS engine.
    but I have one question:
    how to change the z coordinates of the hud?

    ps: sorry for my english

    • At Pearl SkillBar script look for
      class Sprite_PearlTool < Sprite

      You will see a local variable called "view"

      insert a new line at the top and rename it

      view.z = 999

      Or whatever z value you want to give

  5. I have an issue when using an indoor door event (a door that takes you through a wall but not to a new map) using the gather follower command no longer pulls the followers properly through the door, it now has them wait until the character goes through the door then leap to meet up with them.

    This problem goes away when pulling this script out but I have no knowledge scripting myself to tell if this is something that can be adjusted in some way. It seems like tweaking the allowed distance of a follower would somehow affect this, it is almost as if the follower is being refreshed to see if it should be close to the player at intervals instead of relying on the gather follower command in the event.

    The optimal fix would be something that would allow me to make this so during the door event but keep it as you have by default during combat so that you aren’t feeling too closed off by your attacking allies.

    Thank you for taking time in this matter.

  6. Hello falmc again.
    There was still one question on your system
    Can I add skills to the participants of the party skillbar?

    sorry for my bad english

  7. Hey, Falcao. Can you please make more skill button? In patch v2.0 only have 4 skill button (R, T, Y, U).

    • Ok then, btw your ABS script is so awesome. One more thing, can I make an enemy have respawn time? I mean, when the enemy died, after 10 sec the enemy respawn again so we don’t have to exit the map and enter again to respawn the enemy. Thanks

    • missing the attacK? you mean the enemies always miss when attack? That’s because your actor/classes evasion rate is 100% or your enemies hit rate is 0%.

  8. Man, i’m having a problem with the enemie, i want 10 damage when he atack but he take like 40, can you help me?

  9. just wondering…is there a way to disable the text and number display for the HP/MP Bars and if possible I noticed the text for the skill bar has no modifiable Y coordinate, my scripting skills are terrible ( I’m still learning ) but I was just wondering of you could point me in the right direction

    • Was wondering the same, I want to have the HP bar width to be MaxHP…unsure how to do that but would like that very much, any ideas?

  10. hi falmc
    I really have been working with your system and is largely understood and I really like it
    even added a few of their add-ons

    but I do as I can not figure out how to turn off the call “quick tool window” and “player slection window” if skilbar disabled

  11. Weapon = [PearlKey::F, ‘F’] # Weapon usage

    How to change the F into a number, I tried 1, 01 and N_1…
    I kinda feel like it would be easy, is there something specific instead?

  12. Hey ive got a problem with the demo. when I try to change the followers tool, zi press the A Button, but nothing happens, what could be the problem ?

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