Falcao Mmorpg Alchemy and Extraction System

This script allows the player to learn two new skills, Alchemy and extraction, both of them
used to create Items, weapons or armors.
 What is this?
 – Alchemy is a system that allows you create Items, Weapons and armors by
 combining a list of ingredients.
 – Extraction is a system that allows you extract ingredients from things like
 plants, rocks etc.
 It is called Crafting
 * Features
 – Full Alchemy skill system
 – Full Extraction skill system
 – Alchemy and extraction Leveling system
 – Full alchemy and extraction variance system
 – Alchemy can create Weapons, Armors and Items
 – In game maximun Alchemy and extraction levels enabled
 – Alchemy Support up to 20 ingredients mix
 – Alchemy and Extraction, speed, quantity, chance enabled
 – Recipes levels enabled
 – Extraction plants levels enabled
 – Extractions plants respawn enabled
 – Recipes system
 – Flexible and easy recipe creation
 – Easy to use
Installation and usage
It is copy paste but, i recommend you to download demo to see examples
By Falcao
 * Terms and license
 – Do credit me Falcao as the creator of this system
 – You can modify anything you want
 – You are allowed to distribute this material in any webpage
 – Do not remove the header of any script shelf
 – You are free to use this script in non-comercial projects, for comercial
   projects contact me falmc99@gmail.com
Get the script here
Alchemy system
Extraction skill
More pictures

26 responses to “Falcao Mmorpg Alchemy and Extraction System

  1. Is it possible to make over 20 mixes because if not that destroys the script. Also would it be possible to make folders in witch we put the recipes. For it not to be chaotic.

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  3. Very nice script falcao. Keep up the good work. I noticed the script is a “one-way” alchemy system, which is pretty good. I tried to create a patch work “dismantle” recipe, wherein a weapon can be taken apart into it’s basic “mixes” but noticed that the alchemy only outputs one final product. It was meant as an alchemy script, so I’m not surprised that it can’t function as a “dismantling” system too. I think that’s for the best, having many recipes (or in this case counter-recipes) to dismantle every single item/armor/weapon in the game would be far too cumbersome and inefficient. Still, I love the alchemy and extraction system, kudos and good job!

  4. Hi,

    Do you think you could make different tab for each kind of recipies sor it will be easier to search what kind of recipies player will want to craft ?

    • I also need this. If you could add a small break so we could divide it into alchemy(potions) and crafting (armour/weapons).

  5. I am having problems with the download and I can’t fid anywhere to copy the script from, so could you please provide a direct link only to the script, without me having to download anything?

  6. Hello falcao,
    I have a little question, is it possible to make in your script different categories ?
    example : 1 PNJ for craft weapons and armor, other PNJ for craft Potion ect…

  7. Is there any way I could change settings in script so the speed/percent chance of success is based off of the extraction level?

  8. i got a bug. Even im not extracting or it is already done extracting, still the extracting bar is on the top.

  9. Hey, first off I have to say this looks amazing. I am currently trying to use it in my own project, but I am encountering the following error every time I try to select the Alchemy choice in the menu.

    Script ‘Falcao Mmorpg Alchemy’ line 270: NoMethodError occured.

    undefined method ‘split’ for nil:NilClass

    When I tried to just copy-paste it into a completely blank project, it worked fine, so there has to be something going on with your script and one( or more?) of the other scripts I’m using. I am trying my best to figure out which script is causing the error but so far I’ve had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Core Scripts: YEA Core, Traits Name, YEA Menu, and a Bust script.

    Materials Scripts:
    Yanfly Scripts:
    Party System
    Battle Engine
    Steal Items
    Steal Skill
    Random Skill Invoke
    Party System Add-On: Command Party
    Parallax Lock
    Input Combo Skills

    Yami: Yami Battle Symphony and Overlay Mapping
    Tsukihime: Effect Manager and Vampiric Weapon
    modern algebra: Geomancy [VXA]
    YSA Battle Add-On: Spread State
    Seer UK & Original Wij: Fixed PIctures
    Khas: Awesome Light Effects
    Mr. Bubble: FF5 “Mix”

  10. Hello there! Wonderful script, however, I have a small request.

    My friend and I have found that the “Gather” portion of this script is very useful independent of the other systems (alchemy and recipes). With some minor modifications, we have been able to adapt the gather system to many things, such as lockpicking, or even detective investigations. Would it be possible, therefore, to remove the alchemy aspect, and have a version of the gather mechanics, modified to work as a generic “Interaction Skills” system? Ideally, I would love for it to be scalable, and allow for as many skills as needed, however, even just a set number of skill slots – say, up to six or eight – that can be renamed as needed, would be enough.

    I am willing to try to work out how this can be done myself, but I am still just a novice, and these functions might be useful to others, so I thought it would not hurt to ask you first. Thank you very much for your time.

  11. Hello, I was trying to make it so that you can only extract whilst a certain variable is true. I used a conditional branch but that doesn’t stop it from carrying out the extracting process. Please help me and thanks for the help 🙂

  12. hi, i am new to make rpg maker games, i really like to use that script, but i can’t find it, can anyone tell me where i can get it? I thougt in the Download->>Data> Scripts, but when i open the file there are a lot of signs but not a script like it should be.

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