16 responses to “Pearl ABS has been updated!

  1. Thanks for the update, love Pearl! 🙂 It’s the best ABS system.
    I hope you’ll improve “objects” enemy ass well with new features! 🙂
    Would love to have dead position for objects. For now it can’t be set 😦

  2. can you help me? please
    there is something wrong when using this script.
    like this “script ‘-Pearl Battler settings’ line 463: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method’id’for nil:NilClas”

  3. Hi Falcao, I found a bug where custom fighter sprites seem to just overlay partner and enemies rather than replace their sprite. Could you fix that please? my project uses a lot of them

  4. I’m having a problem. After this “update”, every time i try to open the equip tool screen, i get this error:

    Script ‘-Pearl Scenes’ line 590: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘tool_data’ for #

  5. Sorry,My English is not good. Maybe it is difficult to understand.
    I’ve a question with the ABS. Can you help me?
    It‘s about “jump” in “Tool Combo Tool”, when Axe equiped,the actor will jump high ,but when Dagger equiped,the actor will turn. How can i set this?
    thank you very much.

  6. why one of my party members with dead pose still appear in screen when i attack enemy on new map,
    please help me to fix this problem. sorry with my bad english language, i hope you understand what i mean. thanks a lot

  7. cant I use FA interactive system 2.0 along with pearl ABS v3? because i also want to include the features like bomb and hookshot in my game,…

  8. Question! What is the script call I have to use to force remove the weapon/item/skill from the slot? I found out that once you equip a skill to a slot, you can not tell the actor to forget it……

      • I have the same problem. Some of my alpha testers complained about this.

        Also, how to disable the level up message? Some of the players die when they level up because monsters still attack them but it the level up message keeps them from fighting back.

  9. Hello Falcao,I hope you are still around :D. There is this bug I have no idea how to fix..Say,the follower dies,everything is cool,dead pose shows normally,when I walk away from it, it stays there, but if I jump ( Galv`s Jump Ability script), the dead body will follow me again.. Is there any way of fixing this or.. it would require a major script change ? Please reply or mail me 😀 Thank you.

  10. I’ve been having a problem with something I’ve been trying to make the actors in my party be removed from the party when they died, I tried setting up a common event with a conditional branch but an error kept popping up.

    Script – ‘Pearl Sprites’ line342: NoMethodError occurred
    undefined method `deadposing’ for nil:NilClass

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