About Me

Hi my name is Carlos Falcao Mendoza, I’m 21 years old right now,  I’m from El Salvador but im living in New York since i was a child, i been learning Ruby watching some YouTube video tutorials and also reading some RGSS Guides for RPG Maker XP.

I love to play piano, take a look at my youtube channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/falmc99

Thanks for the support!


25 responses to “About Me

    • Great, repost your sprite collection in your blog then I will create a new topic linking your sprites.

      I will make sure peoples give you ceedit for your work

      Thanks for support pearl abs!

  1. Eres genial, Carlos. Me encantan tus scripts. Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de divertirnos mucho haciendo nuestro propio juego. Nos abres muchas posibilidades gracias a ti, de verdad muchas gracias :D!
    Saludos desde Chile :3

  2. Hello Falcao sempai my name is Nio Kasgami a young script maker and a mangaka :3…I use your awesome ABS but I have some dificulty with your patch i tried to have ”Iconeset” graphic for my weapon but is don’t work and i am a little lost with that ^^’….

    (or I need to have photoshop?)

    Thank’s if you can help me and continue you work !

    (little question like thats: you think I have a possibility to add a picture face for the hud?

  3. Great system (Liquid Peal v2). Very easy to configure with no convoluted
    instructions. Your mouse system add-on is a great addition to an already near
    perfect ABS. Keep up the great work! A+++

  4. Was wondering on your Mana Stones Enchanting. How can I set it so that I don’t have to go into equip to use it, but rather, set it to a menu option instead? kind of like a stand alone

  5. Hola Falcao, he tratado de contactarte por mail y por facebook, pero al parecer no eres muy activo ahí, espero que aquí sea diferente, así que…

    El punto es que: estoy trabajando con otros colaboradores en el desarrollo de un juego comercial usando el RM Ace, y planeamos utilizar tus Scripts: “Pearl ABS Liquid” e “Interactive System Lite”. Pero ademas nos gustaría contar con tu colaboración, obviamente con un beneficio económico para ti, si te interesa contactame.

  6. Hi Falcao, tnks for the ABS update v3 but.. The FANTASTIC PEARL ABS PATCH doesn’t work with this new version… Can u update it please? I need use this Patch and this version (v3) is great and I need it.

  7. Great script. I’m having trouble with one small thing. If I have a type of enemy that appears as an object, like a bush, that can be destroyed leaving a drop of some sort, the bush respawns over and over as the player returns to the map. I tried setting a switch when it dies to prevent this and it works, but the switch is not “event specific” it kills all other instances of the of events referencing that “enemy” any idea how to make it so the event never comes back once killed? This will allow the developer to use the same enemy characteristics for several placements of the same event.

  8. Sorry, I feel like a complete noob, but I can’t seem to find the actual script… I just started making games and I have this great idea, but I don’t know how to do the ABS myself and yours seems like the best. Whenever I go to download the .zip file (the only link on the blog post) all it has in it is an executable file, and I don’t know what to do with it. PLEASE help me and thank you for you wonderful work!!

  9. Hello! I wanted to ask if you still are in the field. Know the pack boundle high fantasy? I would love to use it with your abs pearl script liquid, the problem is that the charas are twice as tall as a normal, which makes the weapons in the foot (when one hits). Would want to know how to make the animation of keeping things up a picture of the character, to solve this at the time we want to use big charas. From already thank you very much and sorry for my English so bad.

    Hola! quería preguntarte si todavía estas en el rubro. Conoces el pack high fantasy boundle?me encantaria usarlo con tu script pearl abs liquid, el problema es que los charas son el doble de alto que uno normal, lo que hace que las armas se encuentren en el pie (cuando uno golpea). Querria saber como hacer para que la animacion de las cosas esten un cuadro arriba del personaje, para solucionar esto en el momento que queramos usar charas grandes. Desde ya muchas gracias y disculpas por mi ingles tan malo.

  10. Hola
    Te doy las gracias por todos los scripts, aunque no entiendo del todo con tus explicaciones es muy fácil hacer las cosas.
    Te cuento, estoy usando tu scrip falcao_history y me gustaría saber si es que puedes ayudarme en una pequeña modificación que necesito, solo si es posible.
    Me gustaría que en vez de subir las lineas de texto como es ahora aparecieran en el centro igual que las imágenes.
    Si es posible me gustaría contar con tu ayuda.
    Muchas gracias~ ❤

  11. Hi boss. I really loved your script but i have a particular request. Is it possible to make 2 different people play 2 different heroes in the game? If i play with the keyboard and my friend does it with the Gamepad, can we play a cooperative adventure? I hope you’ll make a script for this too.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English

  12. Hello, I really appreciate you and all that you do. I would really love to know if you or any one could help me. I am using bigger sprites and the weapon animations are at my feet. I know that you put the bigger sprite molds in your demo but I have no idea on how to make it work. I am clueless Please help me

  13. hey falcao im having a problem with your pearl abs script i cant seem to get the ennemy to attack me 😦 i am a rookie at this the event is link to the enemy i can fight him but he doesnt move or do anything what am i doing worng XD thank you in advance

  14. Hi Carlos, I want to send you a commercial email, i have a big project coming soon. But first i need to know one thing, You will upgrade your scripts for the new version of RPG MAKER MV? Please respond this message through your email thx

  15. Hey Great scripts, you should think about upgrading to MV. I currently use your scripts in my games and would love to have them in future games on the MV program. Also I am currently working on upgrading the older games so more people can play them on other devices since not everyone is a pc gamer.

  16. Hey great work i use your abs and love it. Would you be open to adding some stuff to it? I dont know if your still working on it or not. Email me back if you are. Either way great work love it!

    • Awesome ABS, by far the best I’ve seen on any engine. Having some troubles with dual wielding, and was wondering if you or if any one knows of a way of solving it? Hitting with the default “F” key is fine and functions as per usual but if I try using the second weapon (“G” Key) i get: Script’- Pearl Kernel’ line 123: NoMethodError occurred. Undefined method ‘tool_data’ for nil:NilClass
      If i change that line to true I get an error with Game_Character on Line 180.
      Anyone with suggestions please help.

  17. Hi Falcao, please demon upload again: the pet servant 1.3 and Mana stone, the link is off! I need the demon, I’m not very good with script, I stay confused! If could help me!

  18. Unbelievable system man. I’m using it in a personal RPG project for my friends in VX Ace. So cool.

    By the way, I’ve read the docs and it doesn’t seem to be a way to turn the ABS off during cutscenes? How can I do that?

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