Falcao Mmorpg Alchemy and Extraction System

This script allows the player to learn two new skills, Alchemy and extraction, both of them
used to create Items, weapons or armors.
 What is this?
 – Alchemy is a system that allows you create Items, Weapons and armors by
 combining a list of ingredients.
 – Extraction is a system that allows you extract ingredients from things like
 plants, rocks etc.
 It is called Crafting
 * Features
 – Full Alchemy skill system
 – Full Extraction skill system
 – Alchemy and extraction Leveling system
 – Full alchemy and extraction variance system
 – Alchemy can create Weapons, Armors and Items
 – In game maximun Alchemy and extraction levels enabled
 – Alchemy Support up to 20 ingredients mix
 – Alchemy and Extraction, speed, quantity, chance enabled
 – Recipes levels enabled
 – Extraction plants levels enabled
 – Extractions plants respawn enabled
 – Recipes system
 – Flexible and easy recipe creation
 – Easy to use
Installation and usage
It is copy paste but, i recommend you to download demo to see examples
By Falcao
 * Terms and license
 – Do credit me Falcao as the creator of this system
 – You can modify anything you want
 – You are allowed to distribute this material in any webpage
 – Do not remove the header of any script shelf
 – You are free to use this script in non-comercial projects, for comercial
   projects contact me falmc99@gmail.com
Get the script here
Alchemy system
Extraction skill
More pictures

Fantastic Pearl ABS Patch

Hello everyone

Here a new patch for my most wanted script engine Pearl ABS Liquid V2 it add some great features to the main engine, enchant the game play, apply some bug fix and much more.

What is the great thing about patching instead updating? OK well hundreds of peoples are already using my liquid v2 script version into theirs projects and i dont want them to download the demo once again etc etc, so, with this patch you will be able to upgrade the older engine just by copy and paste this code into your working project.

 * Features
 – User and  Projectiles iconset graphic enabled
 – User graphic has 3 different animation types to chose from
 – Projectile graphics has 2 animation types
 – All battle members dead fix
 – Repeated shield bug fix
 – Self switch note tag bug fix (now able to use the Dead enemy self witch tag)
 – Now able to erase an enemy forever when dead (if tagged with self switch)
 – Game play enchanted
 * Installation
 Paste this script BELOW Pearl ABS Liquid V2 scripts
Advise about the User and Projectile iconset graphics
Do not be fool, do not complaint me about the icon animation patterns draw by the script, im too generous to provide you this great ass pain saver from Photoshop.
Script here
User icon using the tool iconset graphic
Bow static mode

Pearl Party HUD Add-On


Due to a lot of request by the users of Pearl ABS here a new add on for the system.

This add-on display followers HP and MP bars on the current screen
For logic reasons the bars are displayed only while in battle
This script take the same colors of the Game Player HUD



Just pasted below Pearl ABS Liquid system


Script here




Falcao Pearl ABS liquid V3 update


Here my last rpg maker VX ACE creation, its is a very powerful REAL TIME BATTLE SYTEM. the main purpose of this system is not only give some tools and defeat enemies. this script has extraordinary game play. including an unique party system.

This script is so damn easy to use (probably a lot of peoples gonna love for this), it has a Universal tool graphical presentation witch means any character from your database or from the character generator can use the tools(swords, bows, axes masos, orbs, staffs, polearns, etc.

Also a realistic tool using pose is displayed without graphics requirements.


Pearl v3 change log

– Injected Pearl abs path
– Fixed dead posses issue
– Implemented respawn timer for enemies
– Fixed vehicle issue
– Enemies cannot longer attack you while in vehicle
– fixed stuck issue when borading a a vehicle while a follower is deadposing
– added low hp switches for enemies
– Added item quantity to enemy drops
– Fixed enemy touch damage issue
– Fixed custom graphics display issue

## New Notetags!##

** Enemies

Enemy Respawn Seconds = x – Time in seconds the enemy can respawn
Enemy Respawn Animation = x – Respawn animation id
Enemy Knockback Disable = true – Make enemy unable to be knocked back
Enemy Lowhp 75% Switch = x – when enemy hp is below 75% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 50% Switch = x – when enemy hp is below 50% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 25% Switch = x – when enemy hp is below 25% turn on switch id x
Enemy Lowhp 10% Switch = x – when enemy hp is below 10% turn on switch id x

# Enemies characters notetags
now you set up more than one tool at the time for enemies. this will make the
enemies less repetitive, this simple commands work as follows. it pick up one
random tool id from the list each time the command is executed. the list can be

rand_skill(x,x,x) ramdom skill ids the enemy going to use
rand_item(x,x,x) ramdom item ids the enemy going to use
rand_weapon(x,x,x) ramdom weapon ids the enemy going to use
rand_armor(x,x,x) ramdom armor ids the enemy going to use

* Item notetags
Exclude From Tool Menu = true – Exclude item from tool selection menu
Drop Quantity = x – Enemy drop item quantity (item, weapon, armor)

Liquid v2 change log

– Anime speed Enchanted
– New dead poses for actors and enemies
– Combo feature now support infinite combo chains (rather than 2)
– Added compatibility with bigger characters actors,
– New Universal molde provided for bigger characters and normal ones
– added more configuration to the modules
– Hp and Mp bars now has the option to display pictures instead script drawing
– New single player option (disable the M Key and K is used to call tool menu)
– Added TP display to the damage pop mechanism
– Fixed minor bug when allowing tool usage while using the shield
– Added new note tag for actors and enemies, Hit Voices = se, se, se
– Added new note tag to avoid battler voices when using specific skills
– added new notetag for enemies, Enemy Dead Pose = true , use it if you want
the enemy to show the knockdown pattern when die rather than erase it
– Hidden note tags revealed (read the documentation manual ^^)
– Added new stage Falcao son (just to show up how to create debasting tools)

Here the main features 

– Full and easy to use ABS engine

– Create any tool from your imagination most easy than ever
– Universal anime graphics, any character can use the graphics including enemies
– Advance Projectile system
– Knockdown feature enable (you give the tool a chance to knockdown a target)
– Tool casting time enabled
– Tool Cooldown enable (the time you have to wait before use the tool again)
– Cooldown coutdown displayed on the toolbar
– Ammo system
– Tool special movements (able to load a moveroute from a common event)
– Tool multiprojectiles enable, you can load upto 8 projectiles at the time
– Bombs, axes, hooshots, magis, shields, boomerangs, anything can be created
– States animation enable (up to 5 icons displayed on map)
– Buffs and debuffs enable (up to 5 icons displayed on map)
– You can assign up to 8 tools to the skillbar (overpowered dont?)
– Input module, default keys are no used by this system
– Area, ranged, spin attacks, target selection  enabled
– Invoke skills for weapon and armors enabled
– Interactive enemies with knockdown, sensor enabled
– Enemies use any tool that the player or follower does
– Enemy battler enabled, so you decide if you want display the battler graphic
– Enemies are able to heal themselves, have allies enemies etc
– Enemy die commands, collapse animations etc.
– Party system! your followers have a command to start fighting
– Followers are able to heal allies, player etc
– Smart targeting system, followers choose an individual enemy to attack
– Agro system, followers and player have a chance to get the agro of the enemy
– Token system (you tag any event to start when was hit by a tool)
– Tool targeting system, autotarget, etc
– Player selection scene enabled
– Quick skill bar enabled
– Item pop up enabled
– Antilag enabled
– Lag free
– Summon system. you can command the tool to use tools by using a common event
  move route as manager action.
– Enemies states, buff and debuff display
– Combo system for the tools ( you can create an epic combo chain)
– Mouse support! you can trigger tools by clinking the skill bar icons!
The script comes with a full documentation.  read it.
Terms and license 
– Do credit me Falcao as the creator of this ABS system
– You can modify anything you want
– You are allowed to distribute this material in any webpage
– Do not remove the header of any scripT shelf
– You are free to use this script in non-comercial projects, for comercial
  projects contact me falmc99@gmail.com
Credits and thanks 
Script created by Falcao
thanks to Dezz for testing the demo and reporting some bugs


Here a video on the new stage Falcao son showing some debasting tool usage

Here a video of the game play

Here a video of a Boss battle

Here some pictures, i took few pictures because i already provide two videos


Pearl V3 Pictures

pearl v3 espawn Pearl v3 version

Liquid v2 version pictures

Here some tools samples

Here a debasting TP tool

Here the new dead poses fro followers and enemies

a party battle


Buff states and debuffs display


Enemy buff states display check below the HP bar


Tool selection


Player selection


Falcao Interactive System Lite v2

Download Here


* Interactive system Lite v2

This script is a sequel of the FA Interactive System 2.0, this lite version only have 4 basic
engines, Push, Pick up, Fall and the jump System

im releasing this for the Interactive System 2.0 fans that would like to use
the Pearl ABS liquid script.
pearl ABS hold all the tools from the Int 2.0 in a very different way

Just copy and paste into your project

Lite v2 change log
– Added more compatibility with Pearl ABS Liquid
– Fixed bug when picking up an object and switching player from menu

Lite version features
– Optimized code for consume less cpu than before
– You can pick up Projectiles from Pearl ABS Liquid if you tag the tools as
<pick up>
– Added the imported bolean

* Main Features

– Interactive Push system
– Interactive Pick Up system
– Interactive Fall System
– Interactive Jump System

The push system allow you to push events to your desire place, allow you to
press targets and easily  tell them to do something when collide, events can
press targets by themself if you give them movement

The pick up system allow you to pick up events and move it wherever you want
when you throw the event you can easily command them to do something after

The fall system allow you to fall intoto espeficific tiles, al characters
falls, events can make the player fall, also you can make something happen
when an event fall

The Jump System allow you to jump by triggering the action key, followers
jump together with the player.


By Falcao


Push system

Pick Up system

Fall System

Pick and fall

Falcao Mana Stones Enchantment 1.6

When i played Aion some time ago i usually enchanted my weapons and armors with some mana stones in order to increase my toon stats.

This script allows you to enchants, weapons and armors in order to increase the actor stats.

1.6 Change log
– Fixed crash when mana stones are destroyed before the socketing process. Thanks to Pinka for reporting the bug

1.5 update change log
– Added new stand alone GUI
– Fixed bug when you set the DefaultSockets to cero and unequipp a weapon/armor
– Mana stones container expanded on more line


– Weapons and Armors enchantment enabled
– Weapons and armors can have as many mana stones slots you want.
– When soketing the actor stats increase according to especified mana stone
– Mana stones are created with a simple note tag
– Chance to Fail the enchantment process
– If mana stones enchants fail all socketed mana stones are destroyed.
– A user friendly GUI.

Note: Weapons and armors in almost every RPG i played are uniques, they can have the same name but not the same id data, so this scripts do the same. if you have for example 10 bows the mana stones socketed count for all of them.


Copy and paste the script above main, no methods where overwritten so compatibility is very high.


Inside the script, (note tags based script)
The enchantment process start in the scene equip window


By Falcao


6 sockets armor

Shield sockets 3 full of mana stones

Demo 1.6



Falcao Map Drops 1.1

This script allows you to make events drop items, weapons,armors and gold.


– Drop items, weapons, armors and gold on map
– Icon and the quantity displayed on map
– Easy to use


Tag events as follows (event comment tags)

<drop_item: id>
<drop_weapon: id>    – Change id for the item id to drop. Ex: <drop_item: 2>
<drop_armor: id>
<quantity: x>        – Change x for the quantity of items/weapon/armor to gain

<drop_gold: amount>  – Change amount for gold value Ex: <drop_gold: 25>


By Falcao