Falcao Interactive System 2.0!

Hello everybody

Here i present you my last scripting project, this script allow you interact, with events, game player, game map terrain tiles, game characters, the feeling of realism is inminent, in version 2.0 you can use powerful tools that allow the game developer to create a professional game.

Featuring the next 13 enguines

– Interactive Push system
– Interactive Pick Up system
– Interactive Fall System
– Interactive Jump System
– Interactive Sensor Vision System

2.0 version! tools

– Interactive Tool HookShot
– Interactive Tool Flame Thrower
– Interactive Tool Bombs
– Interactive Tool Barrel
– Interactive Tool Blade
– Interactive Tool Arrows
– Interactive Dynamic Light Effects
– Interactive Dynamic Drop

All in one!

Changes on 2.0 version
– Added 8 more engines including tools
– Character graphic is showed when picking up an object
– Char anime has been applied
– Added an auto character graphic, so the tool anime are showed for every single character
– Fixed some minor bugs

It is important to know that this is not an ABS script, this just provide you a set of powerful engines for the game development, but if you are ingenious you can create your own abs system using this scrip kernel.

If you have any pixel movement script installed get rid of it otherwise it may alter the native X and X axis Rpg maker offer

– The push system allow you to push events to your desire place, allow you to
press targets and easily  tell them to do something when collide, events can
press targets by themself if you give them movement

– The pick up system allow you to pick up events and move it wherever you want
when you throw the event you can easily tell them to do something afther

– The fall system allow you to fall to espeficific tiles, events fall, fallowers
fall, events can make the player fall, also you can make something happen
when an event fall

– The Jump System allow you to jump by triggering the action key, followers
jump together with the player.

– The Sensor vision system allow you to activate any event within a vision range
between the player and the event, the event deactivate when out range

– The tool hookshot allow you to pull yourself to a different positions in
the map, you can grab objects from x distance and also start events tagged

– The tool flame thrower alllow tou star events tagged, burn torchs, burn the
barrel etc, create a ligh effect to see in the darkness

– The tool bomb allow you to explode some areas activating events tagged,
bombs can be picked and throwed, game party is affected if the bomb hurt them

– The tool barrel is a native tool created for this system never seen before in
a game, you can make a lot of things as: use it as a lantern, pick up throw,
burn the barrel with the flame trower, can be grabbed with the hook shot,
allow tou to solve puzzles, push events from the push system and much more.

– The tool blade allow you clean your path by cutting grass or wherever you want
to do with it, also you can apply drop to it

– The tool Arrows aloow you to activate events from long distance, you can
interact with bombs like creating a bomb arrow at real time

– The dynamic light effects allow you to create real lights on event tagged
you can set intencity, direction and do a lot of things.

– The dynamic drop allow you to create events to drop items jus by tagging
a simple command.


All the instructions are inside the script, dont be scare it is very very easy to use, Plug and play


By Falcao

Demo version 2.0!


Script Wiki documentantion PDF

This wiki contain a very detailed information of this script, contains pictures explanation and more


Script  code

I recomend you to download demo but anyways here the code, you will need the graphic provided in the demo



Here a video showing the features of this amazing system:

Video of new version 2.0!

Video of the version 1.7 this no include tools