Falcao Interactive System Lite v2

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* Interactive system Lite v2

This script is a sequel of the FA Interactive System 2.0, this lite version only have 4 basic
engines, Push, Pick up, Fall and the jump System

im releasing this for the Interactive System 2.0 fans that would like to use
the Pearl ABS liquid script.
pearl ABS hold all the tools from the Int 2.0 in a very different way

Just copy and paste into your project

Lite v2 change log
– Added more compatibility with Pearl ABS Liquid
– Fixed bug when picking up an object and switching player from menu

Lite version features
– Optimized code for consume less cpu than before
– You can pick up Projectiles from Pearl ABS Liquid if you tag the tools as
<pick up>
– Added the imported bolean

* Main Features

– Interactive Push system
– Interactive Pick Up system
– Interactive Fall System
– Interactive Jump System

The push system allow you to push events to your desire place, allow you to
press targets and easily  tell them to do something when collide, events can
press targets by themself if you give them movement

The pick up system allow you to pick up events and move it wherever you want
when you throw the event you can easily command them to do something after

The fall system allow you to fall intoto espeficific tiles, al characters
falls, events can make the player fall, also you can make something happen
when an event fall

The Jump System allow you to jump by triggering the action key, followers
jump together with the player.


By Falcao


Push system

Pick Up system

Fall System

Pick and fall