FA Tool Selector + Service pack

This script is a Patch for the FA Interactive system 2.0 this scripts adds a pack of bug fixes and some add-ons, the most visible feature of this script is the quick tool selection feature and the mini hud on map displaying the equipped tool and the item cost.


– Display a quick tool selection menu
– Display interactive weapon icon on map
– Display item cost value below interactive weapon icon

* Service pack add-ons and fixes

– Added move animation to Game_Arrow
– Added one more non movable method by input keys when using a tool
– Added mouse support (plugin is activated if Mouse System button is installe
– You can now add more weapon ids to be used as interactive weapon
– Fixed minor bug when planting bombs or a barrel next to fall tiles
– Fixed bug when making a bomb arrow at real time (bomb movemenmet now reset)
– Fixed bug when bomb explode forcing the player to remove pick up graphic


This is a very unoffensive small script with some great features to the Interactive system,  Paste this script BELOW FA Interactive System 2.0


No needed





The normal tool selector

you can upgrade your tools if you want

I added some pictures showing the upgrade fetures too, enjoy!