Falcao Skills Cooldown 1.0

Hello everybody

This script idea come to me when creating the Pets Servants system where pets commands have waiting time after used
So, This script adds something similar, a waiting time is applied to a already used skill (if you tagged to do so obviously)


– Bring more balance to the game skills system, just imagine you create a really powerful skill that kills all enemies, it don make sense if you can
use that powerful skill over and over again, just put waiting time now with this snipped.
– A simple time meter is displayed at the help window showing time left


Paste this script above main and below any custom battle system


It is pretty simple just tag a skill as follows (skill note tags)

<cooldown: x>          Instead x puts cooldown integer, time in seconds


Skill tagged waiting time

Skill used and cool-down applied



Falcao Pets Servants 1.3

Hello everybody!

Have you ever dream having a faithful servant in a rpg maker game? this script provide you a complete pets servant system allowing you to assign great pre-made commands, pets can do a lot of things like, grab objects, steal items from events, climb some areas, trigger targets and a infinite line of commands you can create.

1.3 change log
– Fixed minor bug when mood overload with other mood commands
– Added option to enable or disable the followers spot for the pet


– Create as many pets you want at the pet factory
– Assigns commands to the pets (you can create as many command you want)
– Pets level up
– Pets have a mood bar
– Pets give a gift bundle when mood reach the maximum mood
– Each pet  give special bonus when is in use
– A avance command action system is implemented such as
pet Steal, pet Grab objects, Pet Trigger targets, Pet Climb etc
– Pet minder Shop available!
– You can assign unique commands for each pet
– Pet are able to: create item, weapons, armor, gold, heal party, increase
mood when dancing or playing with pet
– Custom command system implemented, so you can create your own fully
custamizable commands via common events.
– Commands cooldown system, that mean you can assign waiting time to each
command available
– Mouse system buttons support!, you can select targets with the mouse in case
you are using my mouse system buttons script


All the instructions are inside the script.



Script code

I strongly recommend you to download the demo file, so you can see how everything work with examples  but here a leave you the code anyway, just copy and paste into your project



By Falcao


I made this quick video showing all the features included with this great system

Here some screenshots 

FA Tool Selector + Service pack

This script is a Patch for the FA Interactive system 2.0 this scripts adds a pack of bug fixes and some add-ons, the most visible feature of this script is the quick tool selection feature and the mini hud on map displaying the equipped tool and the item cost.


– Display a quick tool selection menu
– Display interactive weapon icon on map
– Display item cost value below interactive weapon icon

* Service pack add-ons and fixes

– Added move animation to Game_Arrow
– Added one more non movable method by input keys when using a tool
– Added mouse support (plugin is activated if Mouse System button is installe
– You can now add more weapon ids to be used as interactive weapon
– Fixed minor bug when planting bombs or a barrel next to fall tiles
– Fixed bug when making a bomb arrow at real time (bomb movemenmet now reset)
– Fixed bug when bomb explode forcing the player to remove pick up graphic


This is a very unoffensive small script with some great features to the Interactive system,  Paste this script BELOW FA Interactive System 2.0


No needed





The normal tool selector

you can upgrade your tools if you want

I added some pictures showing the upgrade fetures too, enjoy!

Falcao Interactive System 2.0!

Hello everybody

Here i present you my last scripting project, this script allow you interact, with events, game player, game map terrain tiles, game characters, the feeling of realism is inminent, in version 2.0 you can use powerful tools that allow the game developer to create a professional game.

Featuring the next 13 enguines

– Interactive Push system
– Interactive Pick Up system
– Interactive Fall System
– Interactive Jump System
– Interactive Sensor Vision System

2.0 version! tools

– Interactive Tool HookShot
– Interactive Tool Flame Thrower
– Interactive Tool Bombs
– Interactive Tool Barrel
– Interactive Tool Blade
– Interactive Tool Arrows
– Interactive Dynamic Light Effects
– Interactive Dynamic Drop

All in one!

Changes on 2.0 version
– Added 8 more engines including tools
– Character graphic is showed when picking up an object
– Char anime has been applied
– Added an auto character graphic, so the tool anime are showed for every single character
– Fixed some minor bugs

It is important to know that this is not an ABS script, this just provide you a set of powerful engines for the game development, but if you are ingenious you can create your own abs system using this scrip kernel.

If you have any pixel movement script installed get rid of it otherwise it may alter the native X and X axis Rpg maker offer

– The push system allow you to push events to your desire place, allow you to
press targets and easily  tell them to do something when collide, events can
press targets by themself if you give them movement

– The pick up system allow you to pick up events and move it wherever you want
when you throw the event you can easily tell them to do something afther

– The fall system allow you to fall to espeficific tiles, events fall, fallowers
fall, events can make the player fall, also you can make something happen
when an event fall

– The Jump System allow you to jump by triggering the action key, followers
jump together with the player.

– The Sensor vision system allow you to activate any event within a vision range
between the player and the event, the event deactivate when out range

– The tool hookshot allow you to pull yourself to a different positions in
the map, you can grab objects from x distance and also start events tagged

– The tool flame thrower alllow tou star events tagged, burn torchs, burn the
barrel etc, create a ligh effect to see in the darkness

– The tool bomb allow you to explode some areas activating events tagged,
bombs can be picked and throwed, game party is affected if the bomb hurt them

– The tool barrel is a native tool created for this system never seen before in
a game, you can make a lot of things as: use it as a lantern, pick up throw,
burn the barrel with the flame trower, can be grabbed with the hook shot,
allow tou to solve puzzles, push events from the push system and much more.

– The tool blade allow you clean your path by cutting grass or wherever you want
to do with it, also you can apply drop to it

– The tool Arrows aloow you to activate events from long distance, you can
interact with bombs like creating a bomb arrow at real time

– The dynamic light effects allow you to create real lights on event tagged
you can set intencity, direction and do a lot of things.

– The dynamic drop allow you to create events to drop items jus by tagging
a simple command.


All the instructions are inside the script, dont be scare it is very very easy to use, Plug and play


By Falcao

Demo version 2.0!


Script Wiki documentantion PDF

This wiki contain a very detailed information of this script, contains pictures explanation and more


Script  code

I recomend you to download demo but anyways here the code, you will need the graphic provided in the demo



Here a video showing the features of this amazing system:

Video of new version 2.0!

Video of the version 1.7 this no include tools

Game Resolution 1.1

Hello everybody

Normal peoples who play your games (peoples that dont know nothing about Rpg Maker) they have no idea that pressing Alt + Enter you can switch between full screen and normal resolution, or you simple forgot that command exist.

Game resolution 1.1


– Add a new option to the menu named Resolution
– You can easily switch to full and normal resolution without pressing ALT + Enter
– The script remember your last option, so when your start the game it remember your preferences


Copy and paste the script above main, plug and play




By Falcao


Mouse System Buttons update 2.5

Mouse System Buttons 2.5

Hello everybody, do you like press buttons? i do!

This is a button based mouse script, allow you create as many buttons you want to the game map screen or map ground, also provide you full mouse interaction within the game play.

* Version 2.5 change log (Date: June 9 2013)

 Fixed non-refreshing item description bug
 Fixed Save file selection issue
 Added ability to start events even if the player is no facing the event
 Removed option to display arrow selector on save file
 Added compatibility for multiples game resolutions
 Item selection with mouse is now more occurate
 Fixed issue with pearl skillbar (when clicking any tool perform path finding)
 Cleaned up some code
 * Version 2.0 change log (Date: January 13 2013)
 – Added path finding, now the game player is able to move using the mouse
 – Added compatibility with Victor Animated Battle version 1.x and above
 – Now you are able to change the mouse cursor icon in game
 – Two new notetags added to change the mouse cursor by event comment tags
 – Fixed crash when pointing a notetagged event with a valid condition

* Version 1.6 change log

– Added compatibility for any game screen resolution
– System optimized to consume less cpu than before
– Added extra compatibility for Pearl ABS Liquid
– Removed the font fix
– Added the imported bolean

Version 1.5 change log
– Fixed sound over loading on selectable windows
– Fixed bug when selecting event graphic tileset that have mouse comment tag
– FIxed minor bug when transfering (event name now erase completely)
– Added option to turn on / off arrow selector on save file
– Important! changes on mouse comment tags!
~ NAME change to MOUSE NAME


– Allow you create buttons and easily configure them to do something
– Events can be buttons too, map ground buttons! for some puzzles etc.
– Allow you display event name
– Full mouse interaction
– WASD movement optional
– Intruducing a mouse selector, never seen before on a rpg maker game
– And the word everybody love, plug and play!

Mouse commands

– Left Click: decision
– Right click: cancel / back
– Mouse wheel: press mouse wheel button to run

Copy and paste the script above Main, plug and play
configuration explained in the script




2.0 Icon changing feature


2.0 Path finding mouse


Here the clickable screens buttons

Here a event button on the map ground

Here the new arrow selector usable in some scenes

Here the name display when mouse pointer is over the event


RGSS3 Fal Fog 1.5


This script was originally released for rpg maker VX, few weeks ago i decided to transcribe this code for rpg maker VX ACE.

This simple script add the missing fog effects to the game map!


Copy and paste this script above main and below materials section.

call the script using the following command:

$game_map.fog(“Name”, opacity, Zoom, scroll_x , scroll_y)

Name = fog

Inside the demo you have all the fog graphics you need to run this script