Script Commercial Licensing

If you feel comfortable with my scripts you can make a donation to my site, donation help me as extra motivation for me to keep updating my work and keep working on new scripts.

All my scripts are free to use for non-commercial purposes however if you are planing to use my work and make some extra money with it you have to donate for a script license.

Here a list of my scripts license pricing.

Paid script licenses


To start a donation click on the following link and enter the amount required to get the script license
Then E-Mail me to with your full name
Free Commercial licenses
Send me an E-Mail to and request your free commercial license

17 responses to “Script Commercial Licensing

  1. I can’t get the commercial licensing link to work. I would like to use the pet script and would be fine with the payment.

  2. I want a script license for the alchemy script, I emailed you and no response, I’m kinda in a hurry to start my game lol, if you could answer as soon as you can I would appreciate it so we can work something out, your script is awesome.

  3. Interested in using your interactive system 2.0 + Tools script for commercial use. Tryed to donate to you but your PayPal link isnt working properly. Please let me know how I can get the money to you. Thank you Falcao

  4. Okay, so I want it, not for commercial use but to have fun while I have free time. But I don’t know where and how to get the scripts or this pearl ABS liquid v3. The only thing I find is the demo stuff. Could you help me or something, please.

  5. I really hope, that you still respond to either your email, or this guestbook, as i’d really like to buy a license, for one of your script.
    Kind regards!

  6. I can’t imagine the reasons he had for abandoning his website, but it was pretty bad form to just disappear without a means to contact him in order to buy licenses.

    If you’re going to just give up running your service, at least release your scripts from licensing. That way, people who want to make use of your products don’t have to worry about getting sued if/when you decide to come back and notice people making money off of your products without asking permission because they COULDN’T.

  7. Well, I send u a request to have a commercial use for my game but you never respond,
    So, based on how money I can give for this script – The “I play dead of falcao”
    I send you money on paypal, amount that I think necessary for the script.
    If you are alive so, reply and you will get more.

  8. I lost the license file, so I wanna ask it back but when my friend morokka said me that you play dead, I will do like I alway have my license for a script..

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