Falcao Mana Stones Enchantment 1.6

When i played Aion some time ago i usually enchanted my weapons and armors with some mana stones in order to increase my toon stats.

This script allows you to enchants, weapons and armors in order to increase the actor stats.

1.6 Change log
– Fixed crash when mana stones are destroyed before the socketing process. Thanks to Pinka for reporting the bug

1.5 update change log
– Added new stand alone GUI
– Fixed bug when you set the DefaultSockets to cero and unequipp a weapon/armor
– Mana stones container expanded on more line


– Weapons and Armors enchantment enabled
– Weapons and armors can have as many mana stones slots you want.
– When soketing the actor stats increase according to especified mana stone
– Mana stones are created with a simple note tag
– Chance to Fail the enchantment process
– If mana stones enchants fail all socketed mana stones are destroyed.
– A user friendly GUI.

Note: Weapons and armors in almost every RPG i played are uniques, they can have the same name but not the same id data, so this scripts do the same. if you have for example 10 bows the mana stones socketed count for all of them.


Copy and paste the script above main, no methods where overwritten so compatibility is very high.


Inside the script, (note tags based script)
The enchantment process start in the scene equip window


By Falcao


6 sockets armor

Shield sockets 3 full of mana stones

Demo 1.6