Fantastic Pearl ABS Patch

Hello everyone

Here a new patch for my most wanted script engine Pearl ABS Liquid V2 it add some great features to the main engine, enchant the game play, apply some bug fix and much more.

What is the great thing about patching instead updating? OK well hundreds of peoples are already using my liquid v2 script version into theirs projects and i dont want them to download the demo once again etc etc, so, with this patch you will be able to upgrade the older engine just by copy and paste this code into your working project.

 * Features
 – User and  Projectiles iconset graphic enabled
 – User graphic has 3 different animation types to chose from
 – Projectile graphics has 2 animation types
 – All battle members dead fix
 – Repeated shield bug fix
 – Self switch note tag bug fix (now able to use the Dead enemy self witch tag)
 – Now able to erase an enemy forever when dead (if tagged with self switch)
 – Game play enchanted
 * Installation
 Paste this script BELOW Pearl ABS Liquid V2 scripts
Advise about the User and Projectile iconset graphics
Do not be fool, do not complaint me about the icon animation patterns draw by the script, im too generous to provide you this great ass pain saver from Photoshop.
Script here
User icon using the tool iconset graphic
Bow static mode

50 responses to “Fantastic Pearl ABS Patch

  1. Very great script and useful patch here. (yeah, patcher is very helpful)
    I must admit you’re really great at scripting, falcao.

    I’m one of many people that using your ABS script here and this is awesome.
    And I’m looking forward your next script.

  2. Most ABS have this level up popup instead of the default one. The default one can be annoying sometimes especially during a battle scene where you have to break the fun and try to get rid of the message window, so maybe you can add a level up pop up too? I’m currently using a custom one but I think it would be better if the ABS has one ‘coz it’ll definitely be awesome.

  3. Is it possible to change formation if you have 5 characters in the party. The 5th one doesn’t show up and If I move the 5th member to 1st-4th place the game exits. (I’m new to RPG Maker)

    • RMVX Ace support only 4 party members in battle, so it is not the abs it is the default engine

      If you are new to rpg maker you should start learning the basics of the main engine

      • I have a similar question. I understand that RPMVX Ace only supports 4 characters in the party at one time, but is there a way to add support if we have more than 4 characters?

        Example: Let’s say I have 7 playable characters total: We’ll call them Adam, Bob, Charlie, Dave, Eric, Frank, and George. All 7 are in my party, but only Adam, Bob, Charlie, and Dave are active (being used in combat) while the other 3 (Eric, Frank, and George) are in the reserve (in party menu, but not used in combat or displayed on map).

        Currently, if I try to change party formation to replace Adam with Frank (So Frank, Bob, Charlie, and Dave are now active), the game crashes.

        I am able to use Yanfly’s Party System to correct this issue, but it conflicts with your party screen when I hit M (choosing a character does not work).
        I can make a workaround system to use both scripts together, but was wondering if you might have a simpler solution for your own script so I don’t have to use Yanfly’s script at all and can just use yours to support 7-8 party members total with only 4 still active at once.

  4. I am having the same problem as heroesgacb and I don’t know what to do. Do you put in it a specific way, like with no spaces, lowercase, underscores, or putting ‘User Iconset = animated’ completely wrong, please help.

  5. Any chance there is a patch to remove the “k” and “m” party functionality? I’d like to use this for a single-player game with no party members.

  6. Hi. It’s coll script, but i’m having a problem. What should I do if i don’t want enemy to respawn after reloading map? Thx for help

  7. Hey, love your scripts. I have a question about follower distance when following the lead. I’m pouring through the script and I can’t find out how to increase the distance of the follower (i.e. more space). Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough, but if you can point me in the right direction that would be fantastic!

  8. Hey, Fal!
    As you might have noticed that Enemy Die Self Switch X does not work at all.
    Well, for me at least :s
    What I am trying to do is.
    When the enemy dies it should give you some Variable Score (yes, you can add Variables to the enemy note tags) I made a system with events. God system that have thier own Variable. (13 gods about) And I need the Conditional Branch to allow theis Variable to take actions. What I believe is, It does not run the Enemy Die Self Switch D at all. Even when I have Trigger on Autorun.
    If there a way to fix this?
    Or do you need to add a script?
    Thanks and Thumbs up!

  9. I seem to have a problem with the ABS. Lately, the enemies give strong damages to the character -_- my character keeps dying because of this EXTRA hit that weighs about 1,500K of damage.

  10. Hi, I love this ABS script very much and have read the documentation fully. I installed your lovely new patch and tested out the Iconset function and it honestly does nothing. I’ve read the instructions over and over, re-downloaded the ABS anew. I tested it multiple times, in brand new projects without any other scripts. I’ve tagged them all the way it says to in the instructions, imported all necessary graphics. It just doesn’t work! I’m sorry to bother you, but is it possible there’s something else I’m missing? I know you said somewhere that there should be no spaces between the tool notes, so I’ve checked that. Argh, I so want to use this! Sorry, I don’t normally ask for help because it’s usually a error of my own making, but I’ve done everything in the instructions and anything else I can think of! 😦

  11. Ok, it’s me again! I got a brainwave and just copied the patch into your demo and then copied the data from the demo into my brand new project. It works now! Yay! You have to leave User Graphic empty, but with a space next to the equals. I tried that in my other project and it came up with an error in the Cache. Now it doesn’t, so I’m very happy. Thanks for your hard work! Sorry for the tl;dr above!

  12. Nice script Falcao! Just one doubt: is it possible to show the weapon icon that the char is equiped when cast a skill, or just the Icon choiced in database? Thanks anyway, and keep going with the nice work!

  13. HI Falcao, nice script but the Hook shot doesn’t work properly when you have fallen party member. The player will move with the hook shot but then just freezes on the hook. Pls help.

    • Extra info. The hook shot only works if the FollowerDeadPose is set to false. By doing so it’s kinda odd for the fallen character follows you around. 🙂

  14. Hi Falcao, sorry, found another issue, when I use STIMULANT to recover a fallen member from the menu, it says you cannot use this item from menu, which is expected but it also reduces the number of STIMULANT i have by 1. Not sure if you understand.

  15. So I just cant seem to find out how to make Projectile Iconset = animated work.

    -So far I’ve tried placing it in the Item that is set as the weapons resource – didnt work
    -Tried setting it at the bottom of the weapon – just caused the weapon to be unable to be used
    – I’ve even set the Tool Graphic = nil and even tried removing this – didnt work just ended up shooting the bow icon not the custom arrow icon

    I would really appreciate anybodies help!

  16. Falcao, me ajuda! Estou utilizando o Pearl ABS, porém, quando a vida do personagem chega a 0, ele não morre imediatamente, tenho que andar vários passos só então ele morre… O que pode ser?

    English: Falcao, plz help! I’m using Perl ABS system, but, when the HP of my character fall to 0, he didn’t die imediatly, only after walk some steps, and then, he dies… What could be?

  17. I’m having some problems. If i set a skill with the Tool Through = true, the animation, independently of frames, runs perfectly. However, if i change to false, the animation of the skill only run until frame 17~20 at max. I need a little help with this 😛

  18. This is an aewsome script … really love it! .
    i pretty interesting in the agro system, i want to control the target for enemies and allies… i mean…select who allie enemies will atack and control who enemie the allies will atack…Can u help whit that.

    sorry for my english…spanis country ;S

  19. for all those having trouble with the iconset animated thingy all you need to do is set up as follows:
    User Graphic = “leave this blank with 1 space after the equals”
    User Iconset = animated
    thats it have those 2 lines like that and it should work fine as long as you have the correct icon you want to use for your weapon etc.

  20. This script is freaking awesome, but I only have one complaint: Some of the animations look weird when preformed at certain angles. So my only request is that we get animations that match the user’s direction, so if you had a verticle slash, it would change directions depending on which way you were facing. If you do implement this, please include a marking system, (Like, putting @ or & at the start of the animation name.) Otherwise, best script I’ve ever used.

  21. Hi love the script but enemies respawn on reloading the map and i was wondering why so that I could either fix it or get a fix for it. Thanks in advance for any help

  22. When i try to run my game with the patch included a popup error pops up and says, “System StackError Occurred stack level too deep.” how do i fix this error for the patch.

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