Pearl Party HUD Add-On


Due to a lot of request by the users of Pearl ABS here a new add on for the system.

This add-on display followers HP and MP bars on the current screen
For logic reasons the bars are displayed only while in battle
This script take the same colors of the Game Player HUD



Just pasted below Pearl ABS Liquid system


Script here



13 responses to “Pearl Party HUD Add-On

  1. Hi,Great script there. Thanks!
    I need some help though, i am using ‘taller’ character sprite, so when i press ‘M’ or ‘N’ to equip skill,
    The character sprite look kinda weird as it is only showing the leg instead of face and body due to the sprite is taller.
    Is there any way to edit it? i hope you can understand what i am saying.
    Below is the screenshot which i mentioned.

    Lastly is there a way to use or implement ‘counter’ state/move for the ABS?

    • Hi

      I didn’t add too much support for taller characters because most of the vx ace makers use the generator.

      Go to ‘Pearl Scenes’ and approximately in line 330 find this

      draw_character(item.character_name, item.character_index, x + 22, y + 56)

      Change the numbers you see there and fit your character

      For the next version maybe i will add more support for taller characters

      Counter state movement? if you describe with detai’ i will added for the next update

      • Wow thanks, okay i fix the character position already.
        Mm as for Counter state, it means the character cast Counter skill on himself(state skill) when the enemy hits the character.
        (usually counter back with a normal hit or even better can edit and set other skill to counter to hit back)
        Thanks again. 🙂

  2. I want the Party HUD in my game to be displayed at alltimes, not only in combat. Is there a easy way to change this??

  3. You helped me a lot with this script, but this one is giving incopatibilidade with Hawk V2 Liquid Pearl ABS, will be that you could create a demo with this script hud please.

  4. I have a problem. When I tested my game it said.
    ” Script ” line 24: NameError occurred
    uninitialized constant PearlPartyHud::PearlBars

  5. Hey

    I Have a bit problem,
    How to remove the hud HPand MP and the skillbar to whene the game start and how to set up again? I relly confuse about this Script!

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