Fantastic Pearl ABS Patch

Hello everyone

Here a new patch for my most wanted script engine Pearl ABS Liquid V2 it add some great features to the main engine, enchant the game play, apply some bug fix and much more.

What is the great thing about patching instead updating? OK well hundreds of peoples are already using my liquid v2 script version into theirs projects and i dont want them to download the demo once again etc etc, so, with this patch you will be able to upgrade the older engine just by copy and paste this code into your working project.

 * Features
 – User and  Projectiles iconset graphic enabled
 – User graphic has 3 different animation types to chose from
 – Projectile graphics has 2 animation types
 – All battle members dead fix
 – Repeated shield bug fix
 – Self switch note tag bug fix (now able to use the Dead enemy self witch tag)
 – Now able to erase an enemy forever when dead (if tagged with self switch)
 – Game play enchanted
 * Installation
 Paste this script BELOW Pearl ABS Liquid V2 scripts
Advise about the User and Projectile iconset graphics
Do not be fool, do not complaint me about the icon animation patterns draw by the script, im too generous to provide you this great ass pain saver from Photoshop.
Script here
User icon using the tool iconset graphic
Bow static mode