Falcao Pets Servants 1.3

Hello everybody!

Have you ever dream having a faithful servant in a rpg maker game? this script provide you a complete pets servant system allowing you to assign great pre-made commands, pets can do a lot of things like, grab objects, steal items from events, climb some areas, trigger targets and a infinite line of commands you can create.

1.3 change log
– Fixed minor bug when mood overload with other mood commands
– Added option to enable or disable the followers spot for the pet


– Create as many pets you want at the pet factory
– Assigns commands to the pets (you can create as many command you want)
– Pets level up
– Pets have a mood bar
– Pets give a gift bundle when mood reach the maximum mood
– Each pet  give special bonus when is in use
– A avance command action system is implemented such as
pet Steal, pet Grab objects, Pet Trigger targets, Pet Climb etc
– Pet minder Shop available!
– You can assign unique commands for each pet
– Pet are able to: create item, weapons, armor, gold, heal party, increase
mood when dancing or playing with pet
– Custom command system implemented, so you can create your own fully
custamizable commands via common events.
– Commands cooldown system, that mean you can assign waiting time to each
command available
– Mouse system buttons support!, you can select targets with the mouse in case
you are using my mouse system buttons script


All the instructions are inside the script.



Script code

I strongly recommend you to download the demo file, so you can see how everything work with examples  but here a leave you the code anyway, just copy and paste into your project



By Falcao


I made this quick video showing all the features included with this great system

Here some screenshots